Sculptra Aesthetic 4 Vial Package


Sculptra® Aesthetics is designed for overall facial volume loss. Sculptra Aesthetic is an FDA-approved injectable that helps gradually replace lost collagen—the most common protein in the body that is used to form a framework to support cell and tissue—for results that can last more than two years. Sculptra Aesthetic® filler helps to thicken the skin in target areas, thus easing the appearance of hollowness. This treatment was formulated specifically for the problem of lost facial volume and can provide long-lasting improvements by increasing the skin’s elasticity by stimulating the body’s natural collagen production to increase the thickness of the skin by restoring deep underlying structure of the skin. Sculptra Aesthetic is performed over a few sessions to accomplish desired results. 4 vials $3400

Note: A consultation is required to determine eligibility for all treatments. If you are not a candidate for any service purchased, you will receive a refund or credit toward another service.

This purchase is for a service or product that must be redeemed or picked up locally at either our Chicago, IL or Orland Park, IL location.

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